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Recently We had a Chit-Chat Session with Renowned Actor/Director of Pollywood ( Punjabi Cinema ) one and only Mr SMEEP KANG 

With a plethora of super hit films to his credit, Smeep Kang has always gifted the industry and the audiences with some rib-tickling comedies like Carry on JattaLucky Di Unlucky StoryBhaji in ProblemDouble Di Trouble which had us in splits.

He is undoubtedly the pioneer of Punjabi comedy films.
While today, most comedy movies induce comedy forcefully or through the use of some utterly disgusting one-liners,double meaning dialogues etc. But Hats off to Mr Smeep Kang who redefined Punjabi comedy through his cinematic vision

Mr Smeep Kang speaks about the success of his recently released movie DOUBLE DI TROUBLE and about his other upcoming projects.Must Read The Full Interview Below :-

Q1: How did DOUBLE DI TROUBLE come your way?

A-1 I always wanted to work with Dharmendra ji. I had met him once and he had casually expressed the desire to work in a Punjabi film. To find a story that matched the star cast that included Dharmendra ji and Gippy Grewal bhaji was proving to be a tough deal. None that I had in mind had the grandness. That's when my wife, Parneet Kang, suggested Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors. Gippy bhaji was also very keen to work with Dharmendra ji.Gippy bhaji introduced me to Subhash Ghai ji and he came on board as producer and we started Double Di Trouble.

Q:2 Till date,You are one of Successful Actor and Director too..So sir what's easy and your favourite task ?? Acting or Direction ??

A- 2 Whether you are an actor or a director, I think eventually you are recreating a life scene in front of the camera. As an actor you just have to worry about your own performance and try to understand the director's vision. As a director you have better control over things which makes it easier.

Q-3 :Double Di Trouble has a big starcast. How did you choose the actors for Double Di Trouble ?

A-3 Like I said, I had a dream star cast. I had to choose a befitting story and not the other way around.

Q:-4 What all problems did you face during the making of Double Di Trouble ?

A-4 No real problems actually. Due to the involvement of a production house as big as Mukta Arts, I had too many people taking care of every little thing for me.

Q-5 Who do you think has done the most wonderful job in your movie and credit goes to whom for the success of the movie ??

A-5 The most wonderful job would be that of Gippy Grewal bhaji and Dharmendra ji. They took the film from me and made it their own. All credit goes to them.

Q:6 You have been behind almost all the Comedy movies of the growing Punjabi industry; how do you feel now?

A-6 There are so many comedies being made in Punjabi . I have made just 4. My contribution is very small

Q:-7 What do you have to say about the comedy trend in Punjabi film industry?

A-7 The Punjabi comedy scene is very exciting today. Some of the concepts are very interesting. We have some very talented filmmakers . Some writers bring in fresh ideas as well. As for me, who is naturally inclined to comedy, these are exciting times

Q:8 What other projects are you working on at the moment?

A-8 There's Gippy bhaji's first Hindi venture SECOND HAND HUSBAND that also has Dharmendra ji and Govinda ji's daughter Narmada Ahuja.There's the sequel to Carry on Jatta. There is a film for Shilpa Shetty productions.

Q: 9 Your favorite Punjabi movie?

A-9 Chann Pardesi.

Q:10 Your favorite Punjabi actor?

A-10 Gippy Grewal..Whatever little I have achieved in life is because of his belief in me as director.

Q:11 Your favorite Punjabi actress?

A11- It is very difficult for me to choose one as they all have been so amazing.

Q:12 Any special message that you would like to give to the Pollywood ( Punjabi Cinema) Fans regarding ur recently released movie Double Di Trouble ??

A-12 I try my best to provide you with good clean entertainment. Sometimes I might make mistakes, and that's where I want you guys to help me, to be my critics and point out my mistakes so that I don't commit the same mistakes in future.You Guys are doing a commendable job,Keep It Up..God Bless You all

                         CHIT CHAT SESSION WIH SIZZLING BEAUTY                                      AVANTIKA HUNDAL

Recently Pollywood ( Punjabi Cinema ) team did a candid interview with Ravishing Actress Avantika hundal.She came into fame with T.V show " MAN KI AWAAZ PRATIGYA" which was rated as the no.1 show on television.
She has also done many Ad shoots with Renowned Brands/Companies like Idea Ad shoot with Rang de basanti movie fame (Siddharth), Fair and Lovely AD shot by Renowned Bollywood Director Anurag Basu, South AD shoots for Prestige and Pothis sarees (brand ambassador, Hema Malini)
She made her mark in Punjabi Cinema with Superhit Movie "BURRRAAHH".She gave a splendid perfomance which was much appreciated by critics and audience
Guys Check out Exclusive Interview of Charming Actress below
Q 1- How did Mr and Mrs 420 come your way?
A 1- My producers had seen burrrahhh my first punjabi film.. They liked me, we had a meeting in bombay and I was signed.
Q 2- How was your Experience working with renowned director Ksshitij Chaudhary ??
A-2 Ksshitiji is a very calm and composed director. He is very patient with his actors also he has an amazing sense of humor which really helps in lifting the scene while improvising.
Q-3 Any memorable moment you would like to share on the sets of Mr and Mrs 420 ?
A-3 Everyday on the sets of mr and mrs 420 was memorable.. Luckily almost everybody's birthday also fell on the shooting schedule so we would party as well. there was one scene where we have binnuji and Babbal dressed as a female and I come to them thinking jassi is married to female Babbal... That scene was so hilarious that we would start laughing in the middle of the scene.
Q-4 How was your experience working with a newcomer Jassi Gill ?? any difficulities u faced during shoot ?
A-4 It was nice working with him, he performs very naturally, not just him the other boys Yuvraj and Babbal have also done a good job.
Q-5 Ur Favourite Co-star whom u like to work wid in future ??
A-5 I am avid watcher of irfan khan films. It'll be nice to work with him in future.
Q-6 Tell us about your role in the movie mam ??
A-6 In mr and mrs 420 my characters name is Laadi. I am a college student, a very confident bubbly girl. Laadi and jass love each other. Jassi gill is opp me, ours is an established love story. They want to get married but cannot because jass doesn't have a job. So the whole story goes about how he goes to the city to find himself a decent job so that he can get married to Laadi
Q-7 How do you find this character different from the previous ones
A-7 My character is pretty much different from what I've done previously, since I've played a very shy simple girl. This time i am bubbly and keep nagging my boyfriend. Haha
Q-8 Your Favorite Punjabi movie ???
A-8 Haven't watched many punjabi films.. I've hardly seen 2 or 3 films and I've liked Carry on Jatta amongst them.
Q-9 What do you have to say about the Comedy Trend in Punjabi film industry?
A-9 Regional cinema usually reflects the true essence of the region.. Movies are a mirror reflection of our society and punjabis by nature are fun loving people and that's why we have so many comedy films being made. As long as the content is good and people want to see it, therez no harm in making people laugh if you really can.
Q-10 Any message for our Page/portal Pollywood (Punjabi Cinema)
A-10 Pollywood Punjabi Cinema is a great platform where you can actually get updated about what's happening where in the industry.. It's a wonderful way of reaching out to everybody and promoting punjabi cinema. You all are doing a wonderful job!! good luck .
Guys she needs your wishes and support for her upcoming movie Mr and Mrs 420 releasing on 14 March 2014.Must Go and Watch in Theatres Near you
Pollywood ( Punjabi Cinema ) wishes her a Very Bright Future Ahead


by Pollywood ( Punjabi Cinema )

Mukesh Vohra,an Actor/Comedian is a Rising star from the holy city Amritsar who made his debut in punjabi cinema with Taur Mitran Di following with Saadi love story and Tu Mera 22 Main Tera 22

He is ready to rock the 17mm screen again in much awaited upcoming punjabi movie Ishq Garaari.His Perfomances in previous movies were appreciated by both crtics and audience.For first time He also wrote dialogues for punjabi movie ( Ishq Garaari ).Recently he has been host of many shows on ETC PunjabiChannel.He is also popularly known as RAJPAL YADAV OF PUNJABI CINEMA among his fans.He tells us about his journey from Khalsa College amritsar to Ishq garaari..

Q-1 How u came into acting field sir ? ? Tell us abott ur journey from dav college amritsar to punjabi cinema ??

A-1 -Ssa ji ...Main bachpan to hi acting karna chahunda c...main 4 years da c jadon first time stage te charya c...os ton baad main 7th wich c jadon main declaration competition punjab level wich part lita c...fir aj ton 15 years pehlam meri sudesh lehri ji naal first comedy cassette aai c...fir t.v shows kitte bohat sarre like dd punjabi..mh1...spark punjabi..zee punjabi..etc punjabi..chardikala time t.v etc...

Q-2 How did Ishq Garaari come your way?
A-2 dheeraj ratttan ji jinna nu main bohat manda ha onna ne mere naal story discuss kitti te mainu ek role offer kitta...main osse wele yes kar ditti...

Q-3 How was your Experience working with renowned writer and director Dheeraj Rattan ji for 3rd consecutive time ??

A-3 dheeraj paaji naal kam karna mainu hamesha he bohat wadiya lagda hai..te main hmesha onna kollon bohat kuj sikhya hai...oh bohat he great insaan ne..meri oh hamesha help karde ne..oh mere te meri acting te v bohat wishwash karde ne...eh mere lai maan di gal a

Q-4 how do you find this character different from the previous ones ??
A-4 ji ain es film wich nokar nahi banya.....ha ha ha ha...bakki main har waar di tra es waar v bohat mehnat kitti hsi...ek difference eh v a eh meriya bakki film nallon eh film da character jyada powerful hai

Q-5 Tell us about your role in the movie sir ??

A-5 Ji mere character da naam boondi hai....main te sharry dono ekhthe rehande ha...boondi hamesha sharry de naal rehanda hai.. es film wich ek kidnapping hundi hai jis de duaale eh film gumdi hai oh v main karda ha...bohat he ahem role a mera es film wich...full comedy...bakki main pind da chonkidaar hunda hai....par aap nain darpok hunda ha...ha ha ha

Q-6 Any memorable moment you would like to share on the sets of ishq garaari ?

A-6 Hanji mainu yaad a kee es film wich ek scene a jadon main scotry te miss pooja te mandy nu bitha ke kidnap kar ke lai janda ha....dono sachi dar rahiya c k kite mukesh sannu digga he na deve.

Q-7 What do you have to say about the ongoing comedy trend in Punjabi film industry?

A-7 Eh trend kade khtam nahi honna chahida ha par new trend v wekhna chahida hai........

Q-8 Tell us abt ur dream role sir ??
A-8 Dream role main gippy grewal ji naal te salmaan khan naal film karni chahunda hai

Q-9 Your favourite punjabi movie ???
A-9 Jatt & Juliet

Q-10 What are your upcoming projects sir ???
A-10 Jaldi tuhanu kuj hoor films wich dikhaga.....bakki t.v shows chal he rahe ne.

Q-11 Any message for our page and blog Pollywood ( Punjabi Cinema )
A-11 Pollywood punjabi cinema mera v bohat favorite page hai...mainu jadon v kisse film di jaankaari laini hindi hai main page dekh lainda ha....parmatma tuhade page nu hoor tarakki deve....

We wish you all the best for ur future sir.stay blessed


Hey Guys, Renowned Charming Actress Prabhleen Sandhu recently had chit-chat session with Pollywood ( Punjabi Cinema ) team

Prabhleen rose to fame with the Indian soap on periodic freedom struggle on COLORS TV " Mohe Rang De" as Kranti.After that she did Zee's show "Aapki Antara" as Vidya,Her role and different look was much appreciated by audience.She has also done masters in English

She made her mark in punjabi cinema with the movie Yaaran Naal Baharaan Directed by Renowned Punjabi Director Manmohan Singh. She also acted in punjabi movies like Mehndi Waale Hath, Ek Jind Ek Jaan and Rahe Chardi Kala Punjab Di.

She made her debut in Bollywood in a movie " Not a Lovestory"in which she played the role of Anju, directed by Ramgopal Verma.Now she is all set to rock again with her Upcoming Movies "  "SHAHID" ( Bollywood Movie Directed by Hansal Mehta ) and ISHQ GARAARI ( Punjabi Movie Directed by Dheeraj Rattan)

Check out the exclusive interview of gorgeous actress Prabhleen Sandhu by our team

Q- After doing 2 bollywood movies, Welcome to Punjabi cinema mam after almost  2 years mam ?? long gap mam ??

A -Thanku for such a warm welcome. My last punjabi film took an year to release after the shoot was over. So that's the reason for the gap. And my mainstream Bollywood film 'Shahid' is also releasing on 18 th Oct. So I was busy shooting for that too. 

Q How was your Experience working with renowned writer and director Dheeraj Rattan ?

A -It was a wonderful n fun experience , as it is a real rom com; with so many good actors in it.

Q Tell us about your role in the movie mam ?? 

A -  I'm playing Priti in the film who is very proud of her father's ( Tempuan da business ). And she wants to marry somebody who can take care of her fathers business .

Q How do you find this character different from the previous ones ??

A-  This role is different from others because I have always played serious and intelligent roles in my life, this would be the first one which is an out n out chirpy n comic role

Q How has been the experience of working with other co-actors ?

A-  It was exciting to act with such good actors . Everybody is so good at their work

Q Any memorable moment you would like to share with us on the sets of ISHQ GARAARI ?

A - I think whole shooting has been a memorable experience for me. But most of all was the shooting of the kidnapping scene of mine.

Q- Mam how you select a particular movie ?? I guess u r quite choosy in selecting movies ??

A- Yes I'm very very choosy about all my works . I have to believe in something before doing it. I always take all my decisions after thinking too much and until and unless I'm totally convinced I do not say yes to a project but Ishq Garari is the first film which I did without much thinking as I wanted to do comedy for a long time now  And this was a great set up to begin with. 

Q- What are your future plans ?? Upcoming Projects ??

A-  I never plan my future. I take life as it comes:))

Q Any message for our page and blog POLLYWOOD ( punjabi cinema )

A - Pollywood ( Punjabi Cinema )  is doing a great job. I get to know everything from your page... All the updates of the punjabi cinema , all the upcoming films, actors and all that is related to the industry . Keep up the good work. God bless you guys:))

We wish the dazzling actress all the very best for her future projects.

Ravishing Actress Anjana Sukhani exclusively talks with Pollywood ( Punjabi Cinema ) about her remarkable debut in Punjabi Cinema

Gorgeous Actress Anjana Sukhani is riding the wave of her superhit pollywood debut YOUNG MALANG.The actress got candid with Pollywood ( Punjabi Cinema) about her movie ,her hopes,dreams and future plans

Actress Anjana Sukhani could not have asked for more. Her debut in Pollywood has set the box office ringing.She has managed to conquer everybody’s heart.According to critics and audience,she is best bollywood actress imported to punjabi cinema

Born in Jaipur, Anjana without any film background was first seen in television advertisement for Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolates with the Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan.A career in films was never a burning passion of this gorgeous girl who has a master’s degree in International Business and Foreign Trade.Acting just happened by chance says anjana

Q. How did this idea came to work in punjabi cinema ?? how did u find it ?? 
A.  I really like punjabi culture,punjabi cinema and hospatility of punjabis.i got the offer for this movie.really liked the script and my character so i decided to do this movie.it was very wonderful experience for me working with such a great team

Q. How was your experience  working Director Rajdeep singh ??

A. Rajdeep singh is quite hardworking director.He always supported me.it was very great experience working with him 

Q Is there anybody whom you look upto and has inspired in your acting career ?

A. There has been quite lot of people in my career who havr inspired me,i always took inspiration and learn from senior actors whom i have worked with in bollywood like i did my first tv commerical cadbury dairy milk ad with amitabh bachan sir.he is such great personality,kareena kapoor ( Golmal returns ),Priyanka Chopra and many more

Q.Tell us about your role in the movie ?

A.Young Malang is an amazing romantic comedy movie.In this movie i play the role of Kiran a college going student from rajput family who always feels proud of herself being rajputni and falls in love with guy jaskaran from jatt family 

Q.How do you find this character different from the previous ones ??
A. I really liked this character.I often try to do different from my past characters.it was challenging role for me,i tried to gave my best,hope u guys liked my character in the movie

Q.Being a non punjabi and from different background,did u find out difficulty working in punjabi cinema ?

A. Although the working style of Hindi movie and regional movies is very different but it helps in increasing your fan following. There is a language barrier, difference in production, emotions are different but I think till the time script is good and powerful, there is no harm doing regional cinema”I loved to be part of punjabi cinema.I have always been hardworking and honest. I put my heart and soul into everything I do.As my best friend is from punjabi family,i often visit her home and converse with her in punjabi.i also took tutions in punjabi,rajdeep also helped me alot in improving my fluency in punjabi.

Q.How has been the experience of working with other co-actors ?

A. It was quite nice working with such a great,talented co stars. Weenjoyyed a lot on the sets of movie.it was like family environment for me.i congratualte evryone for the success of our movie

Q.Any Memorable Moment you would like to share with us during shooting days of Young Malang ??

A.Climax of the movie.It was like first emotional scene for me in the movie.rajdeep helped me alot during this scene.was little bit challenging for me.as suddenly environment was totally changed on the sets after many comedy scenes.i tried to gave my best.

Q. What are your Future plans ?
I am in talks with 2-3 directors from punjabi cinema.wil disclose soon about my upcoming projects

Q Any message for our page pollywood ( Punjabi Cinema )

You Guys are doing great job,work hard,thankz alot for supporting me guys. i wish gud luck to whole team of pollywood punjabi cinema and i wish punjabi cinema keep on growing day by day

We wish the dazzling actress all the very best for her future projects.

Pollywood ( Punjabi Cinema ) recently had interaction with upcoming charming actress Keeya Khanna.

She is talented young actor born and brought up in Mumbai.She has been trained in theatre and has radio experience also.Currently She is doing Hindi and Punjabi Films.She will be soon be seen in her upcoming punjabi movie Yaar Anmulle 2 as a lead and she is also very excited about being associated with Punjabi Cinema

Her Message for our readers

Thankz to all Pollywood ( Punjabi Cinema) viewers and members..its great initiative to promote our punjabi cinema online.Thankz for ur blessings and support

She needs ur wishes and support guys for her upcoming movies

Pollywood ( Punjabi Cinema )  wishes her a bright future ahead


Having staunchly kept his turban on, Diljit Dosanjh made new records in 

Punjabi industry, as he created new audiences for this region's cinema

In an interaction with Pollywood (punjabi cinema ), Stylish actor/singer Diljit tells us why the real life character of an ordinary man, 
Mukhtiar Chadha fascinated him so much that he's on his way to making a film 
themed on him.

About Mukhtiar Chadha He is my friend who stays in Delhi and I know him since five 
years. He rides a scooter and can do about anything under the sun...just anything. He is a
simple man, very endearing. When I told him we were making a film on him, he didn't
believe me and when he came to the shooting sets on the first day, he broke down into
tears! I play Chadha in the film and this is one of those films that didn't really need a
female lead though we do have an actress in the film, her role is limited. It is directed by a
guy called Gifty and hopefully will release this year. This film got my interest so much that
I sang all songs in it myself...kise hor nu gaan hi ni ditta mein. (I didn't let anyone else
sing). I spent a lot of time in Delhi, with the people of Delhi, to learn their Punjabi dialect.
In fact, at one point I had got so involved with this project that for days I did not even
leave my room.


Ohri Productions Pvt Ltd.

Oshin Sai the actress of this movie, is making her debut in punjabi cinema as a lead opposite to Diljit, Earlier she was seen in SONG KHARKU

Starring: Diljit Dosanjh, Oshin, Yashpal Sharma, Kiran Joneja, Khyali

Music by: JSL

Directed by : Director GIFTY 
Screenplay by: Diljit Dosanjh & Director Gifty

Written by: Diljit Dosanjh & Director Gifty

Dialogue by: Manoj Sabharwal & Raman Jangwal

Art Director: Karam Singh Karma

Produced by: Ohri Productions Pvt Ltd

He has disclosed about his pet project, 1984 which was lying has been delayed fpr almost 2 years
Finally producer of Jatt and Juliet 2 Gunbir singh Sidhu movie , he has shown shown the guts to produce the movie This movie will be directed by Anurag Singh.

He also thanked all the viewers of Jatt and Juliet2. From the deep bottom of his
heart, He thanked all his viewers who watched and made it to success.






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